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Mayahi Basra Logistics

Mayahi Basra Logistics (MBL)

Mayahi Basra Logistics (MBL) is a security and logistical support company originally founded in 2004 in Basra, Iraq. MBL initially began as a construction and engineering company providing project services to the cities of Baghdad, Basra as well as various Iraqi Ministries and Municipalities in the surrounding regions of Iraq

Mayahi Basra Logistics (MBL)

MBL expanded its services line to include security and logistical support to US Lead Coalition Forces as well as number of foreign companies providing life support services therein

Mayahi Basra Logistics (MBL)

Since then MBL has expanded its security and logistical support services to Iraq’s ever growing Energy Sector projects. These include but are not limited to the Port of Basra’s numerous current and future renovation projects as well as projects being undertaken by a multitude of international energy companies operating in the Iraqi Southern Economic Zone

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